Wednesday was France day complete with croissants and chocolate mousse and the kids having no idea what significance this has. Terrible thunderstorms while at work, throwing our little world into darkness for a while. Flooded streets. Having my home life at my work life via my sister. Being horrified by the morbidity of Babar and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Leaving work on the wet roads and weird-smelling air conditioning and brimming with pure excitement for the four days to come. Falling asleep watching Adam West play Batman and be sprayed in the face with colored powder muttering “False…face…” like he does.

Thursday was sleeping in and getting mine and Abbi’s Sims 3 Showtime games in the mail three days early, being able to surprise her (and subsequently feed her Sims addiction). It was honestly and truly a blur of anticipation that I don’t remember much of because my brain just kept repeating that tonight is the Batman Marathon and all is right with the world. Leaving after five and getting to the theater too early for my siblings’ liking and Ben getting McDonalds and taking a big drink of his Coke to (jokingly) spite him for not getting us mocha frappes we didn’t need. Some lady in an orange car taking our original parking space and taking the third one in and bouncing out of the car because I was having a serious anxiety attack over getting decent seats. Ben and Abbi mocking said anxiety and stirring it up by telling me every car was probably full of nerds parking and getting there first. Getting lovely seats three rows up and being forty minutes early and listening to the excited buzz of all of the people there early with us. Pointing out amazing Batman t-shirts (and a Doctor Who as well) and taking mental notes for ones I’d like to have. The guy behind us with a Batsignal pointer, waving it all over the big screen. Ben hollering “where IS Batman?!” as the Batsignal blazes and there he is, in all his black-clad glory, coming around the corner and putting his hands on his hips. His partner in awesome is dressed as Catwoman, and applause breaks out as he walks up and SITS IN OUR ROW. The nice man who works in the theater makes his announcements, interrupted by a guy in the way back who wants to know if he’ll have a chance to see the commercial he’s missing while his friend explains that we shouldn’t worry because they’ve sedated him. Batman Begins is first, in all its glory, with a real live thunderstorm for ambiance, and just as Liam Neeson and Christian Bale are about to throw down in Wayne Manor THE ELECTRICITY GOES OUT and everyone groans and a bunch of people get up to go to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, it’s back on, and the film ends, and everyone claps. A bathroom break and more enthusiasm later and The Dark Knight is playing. Rachel Dawes the Second makes her appearance and the boys next to me, who have been laughing at inappropriate times all evening, making horrified gagging sounds and even though I agree I have a moment of guilt for that agreement. Batman flips a big rig with the cables on his Batpod and those same boys holler, “HOO-AH! THAT GOT ‘EM!” while I laugh so hard I think I might have an aneurism. Applause as it finishes and a half hour later and the clock strikes midnight, though instead of turning into pumpkins and housemaids, we all turn into ridiculous fanboys and fangirls. The excitement has escalated even though the night is long, the guy next to me is freaking out “I AM SO STOKED I JUST WANT TO CLAP”. Ben snaps a picture of Batman for me, and as a half hour passes we all scream as the Superman teaser trailer makes its appearance and the beauty of The Dark Knight Rises begins. It’s so much better than I could’ve imagined, and when it ends, I just want to sit there and bask in it, although we can’t if we ever want to get out of the parking lot. I’m basically speechless and when we get home Abbi falls right asleep but I can’t until almost four.

Friday is sleeping in until almost noon and finding out about Aurora and lazing around until going grocery shopping with my mom and sister and then playing Sims 3 and watching way too much TV. In the back of my mind I can’t let go of the horrible feeling in my stomach that people died on what I considered the “best night ever” and I can’t really enjoy my day off knowing that those people’s lives are changed forever.

Yesterday is more sleeping in, more television, more being lazy. Still sad as can be, my heart heavy for the people in Colorado and unable to shake it. I write about it, pray about it. Try to watch my DVR recording of Whip It which cuts out ten minutes in because it was storming when it aired. Go for some retail therapy and buy Whip It on DVD and some t-shirts and sunglasses and a grande white chocolate mocha. Finish (and love) Whip It and buy the soundtrack on iTunes and try to write but get distracted by Tumblr and web comics and Facebook. End up writing a really morbid scene for book 2 and feel a bit better. Sketch Abbi and I as Adventure Time characters (or Ooovians as I like to call them). Eat lots of junk food and watch Kung Pow with Abbi. Finally fall asleep around 2am.

Today I slept in until after 1:30 in the afternoon, and have spent the entire day on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. While helping mom get ready for dinner Abbi and I break out into a crazy race to set the table and clean the living room. I’m starting to feel restless and ready to go back to work which is good because I need to be ready or I’ll be miserable tomorrow. And I realized that I really do love my life. Yeah, there are a lot of adventures I still want to have, and stuff I want to see and experience, but right now, I think things are pretty damn good.