Thirty Day-Challenged.

So, I made it through an entire week of challenge topics and then I missed three straight days and now I couldn’t care less if I finish this thing or not. My attention span is way too short and I’ve been wanting to read, and work on my books. Plus I’m not entirely sure if anyone is reading this mess. Haha.

Anyway, Friday night Abbi and I watched Howl’s Moving Castle (I freakin’ love that movie) and she actually liked it. I was surprised and pleased. And I spent my Saturday afternoon at a baby shower for my friend Steph (who is due next month and is tiny as ever!), then dog and house-sitting for my grandparents while they were away visiting relatives. It was a good time spent with my cousin Elle and my sister until I got sick last night and made it less fun… as we were supposed to be eating tons of junk food and such. Ha. Today was better, but tomorrow I really want to get back on track as far as eating goes. My body is practically begging. Kind of bummed though, as this mix of circumstances kept me from my bff’s grad party today. :\

Now I’m getting my hermit on, relishing in my love for technology and wanting to watch Doctor Who (as usual) and read webcomics (Multiplex is one of my favorites) or the copy of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter that my cousin Tommy let me borrow. (Guys, is the correct term “lent” to someone?) I can’t decide which sounds better, but I don’t really want to do anything productive… Other than laundry. It’d be bad if I skipped that.

Later gators!



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