Day 03 — Your favorite television program.

Double-post day goes on to bring you my favorite television programs.

  1. Doctor Who

    Rose & NineThey say you never forget your first Doctor

    Well, I’m here to testify to that being true. My first Doctor was the Ninth (Christopher Eccleston) and he was, of course, brilliant. This BBC show quickly became one of my absolute favorites when my fellow geek Ryan told me I really needed to see it, and Netflix happened to have seasons 1-5, so last summer the love affair began. I watched every single episode from the recent seasons in a matter of a few weeks. The truth is, though, I can pick one favorite Doctor, and that is Ten (David Tennant).


    I am not exaggerating (well, maybe I am just a bit…) when I tell you that the Tenth Doctor is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I still feel that he should definitely put on the ol’ pinstripe suit and carry the Olympic torch through London. And Ten and Rose?

    Ten & Rose

    I will go down with that ‘ship.

  2. Pushing Daisies 

    ImageTHIS SHOW. I can’t understand how anyone would notlike this show, and it still pains me that it was cancelled in the prime of its brilliance. The cast, the colors, the clothes, the ridiculous but amazing storylines, the setting… everything about this show was wonderful and dreamlike. I miss having new episodes to look forward to, though I have watched my blu-ray collections of seasons one and two enough… (If you didn’t catch it from my previous post, this show is what introduced me to Lee Pace, whom I still love to this day.)Image

    This particular expression has been dubbed “Nedface”, and is used by my best friend and myself to express a certain level of otherwise indescribable angst.

    PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch this show. It’s fantastic.

  3. Adventure TimeImageI am well aware that this show airs on Cartoon Network, and is considered a kids’ show. HOWEVER, there is so much adult humor on this show that it’s just as fun for me to watch as it is for my eight-year-old cousin Karrington. Everyone in my family sits down together to watch the new episodes, and there isn’t a person under fourteen years old in my house. It’s that much fun. It’s magical, hilarious, and just completely weird. I proudly drive around with a Finn magnet on the back of my Beetle.
  4. Regular ShowMordo & Riggs

    Seriously… This show is completely ridiculous. Mordecai (a blue jay) and Rigby (a raccoon) are best friends who happen to run around naked and everyone acts like it’s normal. It only gets addressed in one episode. The characters are larger than life. The stories are ridiculous. You can’t go one episode without something insane and supernatural/paranormal happening. I can’t even describe it. It’s amazing. (And it airs on Monday nights on Cartoon Network after Adventure Time.)

  5. GrimmGrimm cast

    It’s on NBC. Just freaking watch it. Seriously.
  6. Modern FamilyImage

    Wednesday nights on ABC. This show is absolutely freakin’ hilarious. The characters are amazing. Brilliant.

  7. Raising HopeRaising Hope cast

    Completely and utterly hilarious. Fantastic. This show is ridiculous, redneck fun. I can’t praise this comedy enough. The season finale blew my mind.

  8. New GirlImage
    This show makes me laugh so hard I cry. But it’s dynamic, and frankly just stupendous. Can’t wait to own it on DVD. Haha.
  9. The IT Crowd 

    I own all of these. Hilarious, nerdy British comedy. I adore it. Moss is my favorite!

  10. Gilmore GirlsLorelai & Rory

    I know this show is over, but it’s still one of my very favorites. My Mom and sister and I have bonded through watching this show, and I love it. It’s a nostalgic love for me. And I think I will always love it.

Hope this gives you a bit of insight into my world. ;]

xx D


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