Day 02 — Your favorite movie.

If there is one thing I can explain to you, lovely reader, about myself, it’s this:

I can’t choose one favorite anything.

Film, in general, has always been something I’ve really loved. Movies stick with me. They make me feel. They’ve taught me things about myself. They’ve helped to shape how I see the world, and how I feel about what’s in it. I can’t choose just one — it’s too difficult. (I don’t even have just one favorite color.) So I’m going to give you a list of some of my favorite movies of all time, and explain why. More is better, right?

  1. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.


    If you know me at all, you know that I’m a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd. I have a ridiculous collection of Star Wars things, mainly books (a marriage of two obsessions), and I went to Los Angeles in 2007 for Celebration IV (which was completely fantastic). I fought these movies originally, because I did not embrace my inner nerd/geek. But if there is one thing I can thank my ex-boyfriend for, it is for sitting me down and encouraging me to watch the original trilogy. I was fifteen years old. The year was 2005. And I can tell you that what struck me the most, even more than the general awe I felt from the films themselves, was the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker meets Yoda for the first time. I don’t know why this particular moment stuck with me so poignantly – I have a lot of favorite parts – but this film out of the six is most definitely my favorite.

  2.  Pride and Prejudice (2005)


    This movie. I read this book in Mrs. Mohan’s English class, in tenth or eleventh grade, and absolutely loved it. We watched a miniseries version of the story (I can’t remember which), which was very thorough, if a bit dry, but I enjoyed it. And then, this interpretation came out… I didn’t see it in theaters, but when I did finally see it, it took my breath away. It’s true to the story, the acting and score are beautiful, and it made me fall in love with the characters and setting all over again. And the cinematography! — that combined with the beautiful soundtrack always leaves me awestruck.

  3.  The Dark Knight


    First off, let me start by saying that I have always liked Batman. He was always sort of hovering there in the shadows of my mind as a favorite of mine. But this movie? Catapulted the love I had for Batman to the point of near-obsession. It is brilliant. I don’t even know how else to describe it.

  4. Tangled


    I have a long-term love affair with Disney movies. I’m aware of the cliches and mixed messages and hidden agendas. I know that Disney manipulates our emotions to sell their movies. And the sad truth is, I don’t care. I see the beauty in them. I see the spiritual parallels in a lot of these stories. And Tangled? I’m a firm believer in timing. I think that sometimes we miss things and catch up on them later, like a book we buy and don’t read until a year or so down the road, or a movie we see when it comes out on Redbox or Netflix because we didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters, because that’s when we were supposed to see it. Maybe that’s weird, but I guess it’s because film affects me on such a deep level, and Tangled came out at the perfect time. I saw it with my mom and sister Abbi in 3D. And I cried my way through it. It’s beautiful. Especially the lantern scene. Sigh.

  5.  The Fall


    Lee Pace (huge crush on him to this day which started with my love for Pushing Daisies… but besides that, he really is a brilliant actor).
    Gorgeous, jaw-dropping cinematography and visuals.
    Heart-wrenching storyline.
    There is nothing else to tell you but freaking see this filmJUST FIND IT AND SEE IT.

    So, that’s my list. I have a much longer, more extensive list, but this is the quick and dirty peek inside my love of movies.

    This post would’ve been done yesterday had it not been my brother’s wedding reception! It was an amazing day, to say the least. I haven’t danced like that (with other people) in… actually, I can’t remember the last time. I was exhausted and sweaty when it was all over but so alive. Haha. (However, the OCD tendencies in me are upset that day 2 was posted on June 3. ohhh well.

    Day 03 to be up later today. ❤

    xx D


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