On May 12, 2012, at 12:39 PM, my sweet sister Gabi wrote:

Here is what I feel Him speaking over, sweet baby sis of my heart and soul:

You a letter to this world penned by My blood. A letter that speaks of a Living Hope. A letter that speaks of a joy and a peace not dependent on circumstances.

You were born to sing. Like it was the last time I’d ever give your lungs breath. The voice placed inside of you by My hand, you have yet to ever glimpse the surface of.

Who I have made you to be is a display of My brilliance and My artistry.

You are a free-bird and there is no human being who ever be able to cage or tame you. There are no limits upon you.

There is no flaw in you. You are perfectly everything I ever dreamed up in Dani Lowman.

You were created to lead, not follow.

You were made to be one who would build up that which has been torn down.

The deep in you calls to the deep of Me.

There are volumes of books inside of you. And scores of music. You will write songs that will be heard not only by the hosts of Heaven.

You are a person of colour. I see your one-day-home and it’s brimming over with hues of colour.


I want to know how God sees me. Because the way I see me isn’t so great sometimes.



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