Come Into My Head

(…is a Kimbra song, in case anyone is wondering. Love her.)

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted anything on this poor blog. I don’t know why I can’t make time for this thing, I waste enough of it!

I got asked a question a year ago on Formspring by a lovely girl I know, and I finally got around to answering it. She asked for five things about myself that would help her to get to know me better. It got me to thinking… I’m going to be twenty-three in August, so I’m going to give you twenty-two random things about myself that you may or may not know.

Read at your own risk…

1) I love most songs with a good beat, despite their questionable lyrical content, because although all I am capable of is horrible, shameless white-girl dancing… I love to dance, and I do it at every opportunity. Abbi and I drive around with the music blaring and do some of our greatest, most embarrassing dancing at stop lights or signs. Which brings me to number two:

2) I will make myself look completely stupid if it will make you laugh. I make horrible, hideous faces and make the strangest noises or voices just for a giggle. Even if you just shake your head at me like, “Why do I hang out with you again?” — I’ll still be satisfied.

3) I can draw! I’m not amazing or anything, but I like to draw cartoon characters and make silly comics from time to time. I’m also fantastic at tracing using a projector on the wall, even though it gives me migraines. Haha.

4) I can sing. Like a boss, if I’m being really honest. But I can’t do it on command, I find it super embarrassing. I do, however, sing at the top of my lungs in the car (whether I have passengers or not) or in the shower. And sometimes around my house. (I’m sure my family loves it.)

5) I feel awkward being the center of attention in social situations, but I have no problem with public speaking.

6) It takes me hours to make a really good playlist. I overthink it, and I have to listen to bits of each song to see if I’m really in the mood for them or not. It’s kind of exhausting and crazy.

7) I’m currently obsessed with The Hunger Games. I know, I’m really behind, and it probably makes me sound like a follower… but I have finally experienced the books and the film for myself, and I am completely in love.

8) When I’m bored with my life, I dye my hair. It’s only temporary satisfaction, and eventually the restless feeling returns, but I have been this way for the past decade. (I am currently bleached-blonde, for the first time in my life, as of last weekend.)

9) My favorite Doctor is the Tenth. Hands down.

10) I hate summertime. As soon as the heat wave strikes, I start longing for Christmas.

11) Despite my summer hate, I really love the South. It makes no sense at all.

12) If you scrolled through my iPod, you’d probably just be more confused about me than ever.

13) I will be 23 on August 10th, and I have never been kissed. Seriously. Never.

14) I am so easily distracted! I lose my train of thought frequently because my mind is always all over the place and busy, and I often forget what I was saying. I’ve done three (or five) other things in the process of trying to make this list. [Currently, I’m listening to Phoenix and trying to decide if I want “1901” on this mix(ed) CD.]

15) I’ve been single for almost seven years. That’s not to say I haven’t been interested in anyone (or that no one has been interested in me, because they have, haha), but I’ve either realized it too late, or extraneous circumstances prevented anything from becoming of it, or whatever else ruins potential relationships. I’m grateful, though, because it takes a certain strength and perseverance to be single for so long. Sure, I have my moments of loneliness, and I’d like to find my other half someday, but I’m really in no hurry. I’m glad that I’ve had plenty of time to heal and grow and become who I am. I don’t want to be the broken half in any relationship – I don’t want a person to try and fill holes in me that should either heal with work/time or be filled by God.

16) I love vinyl records. That scratchy, imperfect sound is amazing to me.

17) I’ve just recently bought myself a couple pairs of high heels in honor of my brother’s wedding (which was last Wednesday — I still can’t believe my baby brother is a married man and honeymooning in Mexico!). I’m still terrible at walking in them, but it was a big step for me because I’m definitely a flip-flops/Converses/flats kind of girl.

18) I’ve been a Christian since I was in kindergarten. And despite ups and downs and failures and doubt and questioning, I still love Jesus and try my best to follow Him with all of me.

19) I skipped third grade, and graduated valedictorian when I was sixteen.

20) …but I only have a year and a half of college under my belt.

21) A good bit of the people I love most in the world live way too far away from me to be convenient.

22) I have met some of the greatest people I’ve ever known on the internet: some during my Xanga days, some on message boards, and some by total ‘accident’. I’m so grateful for them — even the ones I’ve yet to meet in person. You know who you are. <;3

There’s a lot going on in my head lately but there’s twenty-two things for you to add to your knowledge of me. I hope it was both entertaining AND informative!

xx D


One comment on “Come Into My Head

  1. Dani-

    I am so glad I read this list! You seem to have so many close friends that DO live close to you, that I often feel like… estranged like I know we’re friends, but I am kept at a distance by the miles between. I thank God everyday for bringing you and Stacey into my life. I know I blabber a lot and I’m not perfect, but you’ve always been there as far back as I remember, and I’m so thankful for your friendship!

    Don’t forget you rock! And now I’m going to open this book I have laying here…. Scattered Truths, yea that one, and try to loose myself in a book once more!

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