rainy days & mondays

It’s storming here, and it reminds me of how much I love the sound of summer thunderstorms. I sit between two of the rowdy kids who can’t go to sleep left to their own devices, my white Kindle in my clutches with the ebook version of Twilight open and being re-read for the fifth or sixth time. Blended with the movie soundtrack, and the rain rushing down the windows that are covered in water-color planet Earths, I feel like I’m in Forks, Washington for the briefest of moments. When my break time comes, I dutifully tote a large, thin bag full of food, paper towels, and dirty diapers to the Dumpster sitting outside. The downpour has successfully turned our outdoor playground into a water park, with a swamp theme. My black Nike flip-flops squeak a little as I walk across the blacktop, and I appreciate the cooling off that has occurred thanks to the storm front. I love the way the droplets collect on everything – my car windows, the back door of my house, the shiny gold-ish door handle… In short, the rain is a lovely thing. For once, it doesn’t flood me with melancholy… I just feel serene.

This morning was pretty uneventful… unless you count pulling out of the driveway and seeing a Zach Galifianakis clone standing across the street, leaning against the cow fence and wearing absolutely no pants. Just short white boxers, and a white t-shirt, a brown leather dog leash coiled around his fist. It’s then that I see the dog romping around with the posse of cows that are just minding their own business. If I didn’t have to get to work, I would have stopped and helped him. I hate that time restraints make me feel guilty because I miss out on opportunities to be compassionate.

I left my phone at home. So I’ve basically been walking around naked all morning. It’s a weird feeling. So is knowing that there are people that are going to read my book, who basically know nothing about me, but are going to see some of my innermost thoughts morphed into fiction. That’s kind of like being naked, too.

I hope your day is wonderful.


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