all things amazing!

As I write this, I am amazed by the fact that my book is not only finished, it’s officially available for purchase from amazon and createspace. I am a published author. People are asking me to sign their copy of my book. Oh my sweet goodness. (That is incredibly silly, by the way, but it’s flattering just the same.)

Granted, I am a self-published author, which means word of mouth is my biggest ally at the moment. My friends and family have been feverishly ordering their copies to support my efforts, and once they read my novel for themselves, I’m hoping to have some legitimate reviews to give you guys. They may be slightly biased, but I’m asking everyone to be as honest as possible, so we’ll see how that goes. If you’re interested at all in checking out the finished product, do yourself a favor and visit my author page (!) on Amazon, or directly to my CreateSpace page as linked above. (If you’re scared of hyperlinks, just click on “amazon” or “buy my book” at the homepage of this blog.)

Life is… what it is lately. I don’t even know how to describe it to you. I’ve lost seventeen pounds since June 1st, and I feel a thousand times better physically and emotionally. It’s the summer I’m going to overcome a list of obstacles, guys. That may be cliche and “coming-of-age” but I’m going to be twenty-two next month. It’s about freaking time I accomplish some things.

I’m still happy at my job. Being a preschool teacher is exhausting but it’s also really rewarding. I have an outlet for my abilities, and I’m a part of something awesome every day, so it’s a pretty spectacular thing. I drew the Sydney Opera House over a glitter painting I made with the kids a few days ago, and that was shockingly fulfilling, even though it’s not the best and if I wasn’t a big fish in a small pond, nobody would care about it besides me. 😉

Monday was a terrible start to a Twilight Zone week from hell. I woke up in a horrible mood for no good reason, it was so freaking hot that all of us kids & teachers were trapped indoors all day — which, by the way, if you stick thirteen 2-year-olds in a confined space for a long period of time, they get very restless and tend to misbehave. By the time evening came, I was so spent I decided to just be impulsive, and do something different… so I sent one of my girlfriends a text, we made a booze run, and came back to my house to make frozen strawberry margaritas. It was an excellent idea, especially since I had no plans to get wasted — I just wanted to splurge on something after a crappy day. Sooo, we mix together the necessary ingredients (ice, frozen strawberries, frozen limeade concentrate, tequila, and triple sec… for those of you who are wondering. has the formula I used! ;D) in my mom’s Ninja Master Prep blender… [click on that, and have a gander at those blades.] We sugar the rim of my cheap Walmart margarita glasses, pour ’em, and stick a big ol’ milkshake straw in each for good measure. Before I can sit outside in the cooling summer day to enjoy the frozen concoction and rant about my day with said friend, I have to clean up after myself, since I still live with my parents and I’m not gonna leave the kitchen a mess (my mom freaks out when things are left on the counter… it’s one of her ‘things’.)… So we wash out measuring cups & such, and I swish the blade around in the dishwater and stick it behind the sink to scrub off later, so that nobody sticks their hand in the water and cuts themselves open — those Ninja blades are insanely sharp! So then, I grab a dishrag, and go to turn the faucet on to rinse the rag out, and guess what happens? I slice my right ring finger open on the very blade I was trying to protect the rest of the world from.

“Uh, I just cut myself,” I say urgently, my voice getting louder with each word, with just a twinge of hysteria. “It’s bleeding really badly. It isn’t stopping. I don’t know what to do.”

My dad walks over and says, “Well, the first thing you do is panic. That’s always the best thing to do.” And if I wasn’t preoccupied with all of the O-positive leaking out of the diagonal slice on my offended digit, I probably would’ve told him I didn’t appreciate his sarcasm.

Needless to say, everyone, this is why I am not rebellious (yes, I am legal, but my dad hates alcohol in general) or impulsive.

It’s freaking dangerous!

The rest of the week just went from there. I couldn’t bend my finger for like two days because I was afraid of cutting my finger open again, so that was fun. The kids have been completely wild and disobedient this week… it’s just been bizarre. I can’t even describe it. All I know is, this heat wave needs to cut it out. I demand a week of beautiful weather so that these children can run around outside! I can’t take it anymore!

In other news, Dance Central for the Kinect is probably one of the greatest games in existence. I bought it for my sister for Christmas, but I play it just as much as she does. We usually play together. It’s great exercise, and it is fun as all get-out. You sweat before you even realize you’re working hard. The Kinect has impressed me so much. It kicks the Wii’s ass, for sure. And although Xbox Live is really sneaky about charging your credit card for things, their customer service reps are really helpful. At least, the few times I’ve had billing issues, they’ve made refunds happen and canceled Live memberships for me really quickly. I’m just impressed with them all around.

I think the rest of this night is going to involve watching movies with my little sister.

Just kidding! I uploaded my book to Smashwords! It’s now available in ebook format! Yay!

How was your week?


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