so, my pen name is d. justine.

So, y’all probably won’t remember this little post from february 27th of last year…

But, I did it. I wrote a book.
I started back in November as part of NaNoWriMo,
And now it’s complete.
As soon as I approve the proof, it will be available right here.

I just thought I should announce this.

When I have more time (whenever that will be), this will be my author blog.

Keep watching for all kinds of cool book-related things! ;]


One comment on “so, my pen name is d. justine.

  1. Wow, wonderful to hear about another NaNoWriMo person here on wordpress! 🙂 Congratulations on finishing, editing, publishing the book! I haven’t gotten to that point yet with mine, given my characters decided the book would be better off as a triology *damn them*, but I did work out my next one in a similar fashion. Terrific work, I’m hoping to see more of your work coming soon 🙂

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