back in the saddle.

I haven’t blogged in so freakin’ long…

I don’t even know what to say!

I was battling a stomach bug from last Sunday until this past Friday morning, when I suddenly felt amazing. Wednesday night I couldn’t sleep a wink; I tossed and turned until 4:30 in the morning when I finally literally cried out to God and gave Him all this stuff I’d been keeping to myself… emotionally and spiritually this was very cleansing, but no sleep still equals a sucky day. Thursday I took off work (something that absolutely horrifies me/fills me with guilt, so I don’t do it unless it’s necessary!) because I was still so miserable.

But let me tell you what… nothing tastes better than pizza when you feel like your old self again, and you’ve been craving it all day.  That was my dinner, and it was glorious.

The weather here has been shockingly gorgeous. I hate this town most of the time but I must give honor where honor is due; it’s been lovely. Especially getting to take the kids outside. Do you know how restless 1-and-2-year-olds get when they are stuck inside all day? I’ve got to tell you, it’s not pretty. So kids and teachers alike have been lovin’ the fresh air. I, for one, can testify that it improves my mood exponentially to get away from the lingering smell of dirty diapers! (And I tell you what: Friday it was in the seventies, and it made me want to pack up everything I own and throw it in the backseat of my brother’s purple Mustang  GT Convertible and just drive to North Carolina.)

My car had been on the fritz for weeks, and finally last week my dad had time to replace the stupid leaking coolant flange, after the one website sent us the wrong one & he re-ordered the correct one… it was making a super weird sound yesterday when Abbi and I ran to McDonald’s (big mistake by the way; it’s been super disgusting lately), but today to & from work it was totally fine. I’m relieved because, I MISSED CHEWIE SO MUCH. My dad made a comment about how I should probably get a new car soon… the thought of that makes me want to vomit, if I’m being honest. Not only do I love the car I’ve had since I was sixteen and first learning, but I don’t want a car payment! We’ll see. So far, so good; Mama says I shouldn’t borrow trouble over it.

I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but if you are… how are you? What’s new in your life?

♥ D


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